REFUGEES! Turkish police raid firm selling fake life vests

REFUGEES! Turkish police raid firm selling fake life vests


In the chilly, harsh waters of the Aegean, utterly dangerous in a flimsy migrant boat and slippery under the very best of conditions, a life vest can make the difference between death and life.

However, for the unlucky refugees who might have purchased about 1,200 life vests being made in Izmir, Turkey, that was a bogus guarantee that is.

The vests were fraudulent, based on The Associated Press, citing reports that are Turkish. They were made of a substance that becomes heavy would have caused their wearers to sink and when soaked.

The workshop was raided by Turkish authorities in Izmir — a port city which is usually a departure point for migrants expecting to make it and uncovered workers stuffing the coats with packaging as an alternative to buoyancy aids, in line with the BBC.

Two were young girls that were Syrian, the BBC said.

More than a million migrants travelling from Turkey and traversed the Mediterranean the majority of these.

Based on Hurriyet, a Turkish daily, while they seek the funds to buy it — as well as passage on a smuggling boat, Syrians often congregate in Izmir. They stay in hotels that are cheap or else on the road. They require work when it can be found by them. When they can they eat the things they can.

Since life jackets aren’t usually provided by smugglers, they must be acquired by migrants on their own. A coat that is correctly made costs up in accordance with the BBC. An made coat might be as small as $15, but has virtually no expectation of floating. Many migrants, distressed for some semblance of protection although strapped for cash, will purchase them.

These underthecounter vests are usually not white, in accordance with Hurriyet — the better for preventing the interest of authorities at sea.

On Thursday, around 300 substandard vests additionally gathered from Syrian migrants who’d already bought them, Hurriyet reported.

Sait Guderoglu, one of the leading life vest manufacturers in Turkey, told the paper that wearers can be endangered by these imitation life vests even over no vest in any way.

A few of the migrants that are drowned were kids.

Pictures in the scene that is horrible reveal that the life vests that had seemingly been of no use were, still worn by most of the migrants, such as the children.