Reham khan received divorced text after rows over dogs

Reham khan received divorced text after rows over dogs


Imran Khan divorced his pals and his wife Reham via SMS, which she received at Birmingham airport upon touchdown after a very long flight to her efforts to prohibit his dogs from the bedroom, British newspaper Daily Mail disclosed.

Based on the paper, the marriage was anything but. The couple it is reported had “furious rows over everything” from Imran’s buddies to her banning his dogs in the bedroom.

Reham it is said received the text message communicating divorce when she stepped off the plane. The newspaper asserts that Imran Khan’s chief of staff gave her a confirmation.

This is followed by a short email.

‘I do not believe she’d have left the house if she had any inkling that it was on the cards.’

Clearly upset and trembled, she driven to London and was met by senior officials of her husband’s political party, where one started negotiating a monetary settlement to annul the brief union.

He has confirmed that ‘discussions remain ongoing’.

Insiders say, the divorced mother of three promptly set about taking over Imran’s palatial hilltop house, the Bani Gala palace, telling friends it was an ‘unruly and ill-disciplined home’.

Her first important change, it really is alleged, was to throw Imran’s precious pet dogs from his bedroom. ‘They were no longer permitted to sleep inside their master’s inner sanctum or even be there during the day,’ another source said. ‘Imran was upset when she had them shifted outside your house to your room and refused to budge despite his pleas.

‘Afterward the house was rearranged to satisfy the requirements of Reham’s youngest daughter who lived there, along with the older daughter and son, who frequently visited. Members came and went as they pleased. On the other hand, nieces and Imran Khan’s nephews were made to feel unwanted.’

A family insider said: ‘Their home became a battleground because Reham was determined to control all facets of Imran’s life.

‘She made his life a living hell. The wonder is that things dragged on for as long as they did. They argued over his custom of sharing his bedroom together with his dogs, and her envy over his continued close relationship with the mother, his ex-wife and also Jemima Goldsmith.’

Imran’s sisters refused to see for as long as she was there.

Reham, whom Imran expected would be his presidential consort, additionally split opinion on the public stage.

In Pakistan’s conservative society, where girls are expected to be demure she made headlines for the wrong motives for publicly raking to Dr Ijaz Rehman, her children’s dad over tawdry information on her first marriage.

And Reham’s bare dream for a leading part in politics proved to be a serious concern.

He realised the public obsession with what Reham was eating, wearing and cooking was deflecting in the political message. ‘ Reham was becoming news that was larger than him.’