Relation COMROVERCY! Selena Gomez ‘Over’ Justin Bieber After iHeart Awards Drama With...

Relation COMROVERCY! Selena Gomez ‘Over’ Justin Bieber After iHeart Awards Drama With Hailey Baldwin


Yet again, Justin Bieber was cozying up to Selena Gomez in March, by inviting his other fling Hailey Baldwin to the iHeartRadio Music Awards so that as soon as she started to warm up to him he ruined it. A source tells that Selly is ‘over’ him now.

22, Justin Bieber, absolutely killed his opportunities with Selena Gomez, 23, however again! Now, a source tells that Selena is “over” Justin.

The second she showed any interest in return, along with once again, Justin came crawling back to Selena, he screwed over her. After he begged her to go when Selly turned up at Justin’s final Los Angeles show, we were absolutely stunned and thought perhaps it meant Selena was able to try again. Subsequently, the following opportunity they had to see each other, Justin brought another girl.

“She does’t actually desire to deal with him right now and is currently focused on her tour and career.” Great for her! Justin does this sort of thing to her again and again and we’re not sad she plans to back off. However, she’s got a history of giving in the crooner.


  • Daniel Errett

    Justin someday is going to be older with tattoos regretting losing Selena who becomes more beautiful everyday. He’ll end up married and “happy” (or so he will say) but he will end up regretting this so much. Justin could just take it slow and treat Selena with respect but he can’t even be mature enough to do that. Go ahead and lose the love of your life. Pisces men always make huge mistakes losing the love of their life, as a Capricorn I’ll never trust a Pisces ever again.