Reports: Manchester United’s Javier Hernandez

Reports: Manchester United’s Javier Hernandez


A reported move to Bayer Leverkusen will give a reversal of scene the Mexican needs, writes Jon Arnold.

Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez seems to be on the move once more, yet this time maybe it’s a more long-term stay.

Instead of going on a short term loan or remaining on the seat the Premier League team that purchased the Mexican forward from Chivas in 2010 is establish send Chicharito from England, with Manchester United

The will go to Bayer Leverkusen from United, with those same reports suggesting he will sign a three-year handle the Bundesliga team.

Viewing the forward battle made it clear a reversal of scene is required. He stolen and missed and missed a number of opportunities from open play a penalty in what is going to make a match that was last to forget.

Goals can be scored by Chicharito. He can not, nevertheless, wrest positions. There is no shame in that. Few players on the planet could when the contest is Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney or Karim Benzema.

At Leverkusen, he will find a team that wants him, as well as a team where he is good enough to get regular minutes. But Son lately finished move while leading assist-supplied Borussia Dortmund snaped up Gonzalo Castro. Swiss forward possibility Josip Drmic additionally moved from the team throughout the offseason.

Only because there have been departures does not mean the medicine cabinet of Bayer is bare. Chicharito would gain from Bellarbi coming down the right side as well as Roberto Hilbert and fullbacks Wendell pushing up from the borders but will have set pieces from international Hakan Calhanoglu that is Turkish.

Matchups against Roma and Barcelona are the type of matches enthusiasts fantasy of seeing their countrymen line up in, although the draw was not kind to Leverkusen.

It is not a five star team in the FIFA video games like his previous stops at Real Madrid and Manchester United. But Chicharito’s options right now should be adhered on the seat in a five star team, getting minimal playing time when cup or harms matches come along, or getting regular minutes in a four-and-a-half star club.

Routine minutes will probably be enough to raise his evaluation – within his club and using the Mexican national team.