Reports stated that Reham Khan tried to register marriage a week before...

Reports stated that Reham Khan tried to register marriage a week before divorce


Following Reham Khan’s sensational disclosure that her union with Imran Khan wasn’t filed in United Kingdom or Pakistan, The Nation has asserted the TV anchorman attempted to get their union filed in Islamabad only weekly before statement of divorce.

It said that NADRA factory outlet was visited by Reham in national urban city and requested enrollment of her union she lacked several files required to finish the procedure.

“Imran Khan failed to give me my union ring or bangles even,” Reham continues to be quoted saying.

No body from PTI Imran Khan’s political party, or his family took charge to spell out my position because scenario, she whined.

Rather I had been told while Imran Khan believed all this can automatically come to a conclusion, to blow off the smear campaign, his family included.

Reham told her husband’s sisters had said that they’re against our union when asked about Imran’s family’s relationship with her. Imran said I was enough bad to be their brother’s wife plus they never welcomed me as his wife after union, she described.

My own brother was also unhappy at my union and I needed to convince him for this, their brother’s wife said.

Remarking about their brother’s wife’s readiness to take Imran Khan’s political party over, the TV anchorman said the senior leadership of party had told Imran Khan that they were not easy in working with me.

Referring to her ‘black magic’ tweets, Reham said I had discovered some funny newspapers of charming charms from Bani Gala home. Their brother’s wife nevertheless avoided telling additional details in regards to the individual behind this.

I restart my occupation as TV journalist and will be back really shortly, their brother’s wife said in answer to your question about her future strategy.

The couple observed their valima after months of speculation about secret union at Khan’s residence and officially tied knot.

Reham, divorced mom-of-three, before lived in Britain and was connected as a weather host with BBC.

Imran Khan married in May 1995 to Jemima Goldsmith. Jemima was activist and a British writer. They will have Qasim Khan, Sulaiman Isa Khan and two sons. The union ended in divorce.