REVEALED Former X Factor reject Chloe Mafia to relaunch music career in...

REVEALED Former X Factor reject Chloe Mafia to relaunch music career in 2016


From mouthy talent show failure, the Wakefield lass has blossomed in the last year to millionaire businesswoman – and she is only scored her second Playboy cover of the entire year.

In the recent exclusive images, she shows her increased baubles in an array of classy poses, showing just why she’s this kind of favourite with readers off.

Chloe actually has transformed herself to her toes from her heads, going as far as having her tattoos lasered away.

As these pics from her spread show that is jolly, that is long gone – but she is not completely able to turn her back completely.

The Playboy representative Johnny Kortis of Chloe believes now is the time for the Yorkshire beauty relaunch her music career and to take advantage of her growing international recognition.

He explained: “Next year I am taking Chloe back in to the recording studio and we are planning to work on some EDM-kind things.

Johnny beats and has an established history for Playboy bunnies.

In 2012 he directed Slovakian pin-ups Veronika Nizlova and Daniela Nizlova – who perform to international chart success – underneath the name of Twiins.

The girls’ next track will feature rap star Snoop Dogg, which may mean that mum-of-one Chloe snares a guest rapper guest that is leading, also.

He explained: “I need to work on something similar with Chloe too.”

Next year has already been set to not be idle, and she is already reserved in to host a glamorous Playboy occasion in Slovakia.

After anxiety got the better of her during her audition at becoming a popstar Chloe’s previous effort failed, and she turned up drunk for the bootcamp round of the show.

Performing under her birth name of Chloe Heald, telly audience ridiculed her and she was afterwards at the core of many scandals.

Until earlier this year she was dating 58, Spearmint Rhino manager John Gray.

She met with the businessman – said to be among the wealthiest guys in the adult entertainment business – at a bash in the Playboy mansion last Halloween.