Revealed: How the Jennifer Lawrence iCloud hack really happened

Revealed: How the Jennifer Lawrence iCloud hack really happened


In early September 2014, Apple was preparing to declare a substantial iPhone upgrade: larger iPhones than anything it found before. Naked photos belonging to a number of other stars and Jennifer Lawrence leaked online, originating from back-ups that were iPhone. Apple described in the time that hackers likely used phishing schemes to get the usernames and passwords from their casualties and that its iCloud security had not been violated.

18 months later after the scandal, we ultimately learn what occurred. And it seems that phishing attacks were really used to target the stars. According to NBC News, it is 36-year old Ryan Collins the man in charge of phishing login qualifications from many stars. With passwords and usernames in hand, he was not unable to log into Gmail accounts as well as from where he extracted naked pictures, download iCloud back-ups.

He sent his casualties e-mails that looked like they originated from Google or Apple, tricking them into giving over their qualifications.

Collins was charged in Los Angeles. He agreed to plead guilty to one count of unauthorized use of a secure computer to acquire advice.