Rihanna brings the 80s rear with miniature bubblegum pink lace prom dress...

Rihanna brings the 80s rear with miniature bubblegum pink lace prom dress at RiRi celebration


Among the most famous rules in vogue is not to mix pink and red.

But 27, Rihanna, has been one – as the crimson-haired vocalist stepped out in a bubblegum pink dress on Monday.

Yet, irrespective of color, the off-shoulder lacy eighties fashion – which would not have seemed out of place – was quite difficult to carry on for one of the most amazing girls on the planet.

The tremendous puff-ball the vocalist’s tiny frame instead overwhelmed, but she did divert attention by flashing plenty of leg that is toned.

The star was totally make-up using a bronze eye-colour that emphasized her pretty peepers and crushed raspberry lip stain.

She stacked her voluminous fire locks on her head, which cascaded around her face on top.

The star attending buddy Sonya Benson in NYC and the wedding of her stylist – so maybe she is on honeymoon and not able to consult with the star to her normal elevated amounts of trend-forward.

It emerged the Umbrella hitmaker is ‘determined’ to be engaged in former attacker Chris Brown’s new record and her former fire.

‘ for naming his new record Royalty Chris gets nothing but great points,’ a source disclosed.

Do a cooperation with him and Rihanna needs to be featured on the record. If she was not, she had be hurt.’

‘She feels in her heart that Chris will pour his spirit to the record so that it could meet his daughter’s name and she needs to be a part of this,’ the insider said.

‘She is even taken time to compose several lines to get a potential tune on the record. She believes the record will be heroic by all percentages.’