RIP! Sadly Composer Pierre Boulez dies at 90

RIP! Sadly Composer Pierre Boulez dies at 90

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French composer and conductor Pierre Boulez has expired in the age of 90.

His family said the world-famous musician expired at his house in Baden Baden, Germany on Tuesday.

“For those who met him and could understand his creative energy, his artistic vigour… will stay alive and powerful,” they said.

At the same time to be a world-renowned composer, Boulez was pianist and a prolific writer and was called the head of the Paris Philharmonic.

He was the creator and former manager of the Paris based Institut de Recherche et Coordination.

Acoustique/Musique and was also recognized for his work alongside directing experimental composers like Olivier Messiaen and Karlheinz Stockhausen.

Produced in 1925 in the Loire area of France, Boulez started his musical career in Paris, among the planet ‘s most famous music schools in the Conservatoire.

In this period he composed Livre Pour Quatuor for the string quartet and violent early pieces including his first two piano sonatas.