Robot and mirror introduced by Japan that really doesn’t lie, named as...

Robot and mirror introduced by Japan that really doesn’t lie, named as ‘A ping pong robot & a mirror’


A ping pong an origami bird that is flying along with a mirror that some might discover a little too reliable for relaxation were on display on Wednesday in an enormous technology show.

The gadgets are part of the Cutting edge IT & Electronic Equipment Complete Exhibit of this year (CEATEC), the biggest electronics fair in Asia . Notable on the list of bunch was coach — people and a robot arm created by automation components manufacturer Omron that will play –.

The robot uses a camera and various detectors to find the balls motion and play with a close perfect rally.

Exactly the same technology could be used in vehicles to prevent crashes, said the firm, which will be famous because of its health care products.

High above attendees, the sound may be heard.

Rohm, an important manufacturer of semiconductor devices as well as other electronic sections, had managed to make a foot-long origami crane fowl, weighing only 31 grams, that will fly thanks to an ultralight motor.

Exactly the same firm has also devised a detector that can be put into bag show the place of a bag and to show whether handlers bashed about bags during flights — should it get lost in passage.

Furukawa said the detector was a prototype which they expected could be commercialised by a bag maker.

Electronics giant Panasonic additionally exhibited their vision of just what a hi tech house could appear to be, complete using various appliances and gadgets that communicate with each other.

Exactly the same house also boasted window and a dining room table that may respond to dialogues — showing, for instance, pictures of a recently available excursion a family may have taken they begin talking about it.

Business spokesman Daisuke Uehara said their demonstration was an idea about just what a house might look like in 201820.