ROMANCE ON THE FLOOR! Corey Gamble Surprises Kris Jenner With Couples Massages...

ROMANCE ON THE FLOOR! Corey Gamble Surprises Kris Jenner With Couples Massages To Relieve Her Stress


This really is really sweet! Kris Jenner is really fortunate to truly have a man like Corey Gamble. Corey comprehends that Kris has been working nonstop and not sleeping much after the near fatal overdose of Lamar Odom.

We really think Corey is perfect for Kris. Corey keeps telling Kris that she needs to slow down and stop working so much because she is not appreciating the amazing life she has.

But she is not listening and rather tells Corey that if he does not comprehend and that he needs to accept her busy life, otherwise it’s a total “deal breaker” for her.

But fortunately Corey doesn’t take no for an answer. He finally walks up to Kris when she is super stressed out and begins massaging her shoulders and tells her to get prepared because they are going somewhere specific.

It turns out he booked a health spa day whole with couples massages — so sweet! Kris declares that she actually wanted this and that she rarely takes time out of her day to pamper herself.

We are so happy, considering the family has been through so much in the last year. But now more than ever they all want their rest because Lamar’s recovery is a long road ahead.

We are happy because he actually understands what he is talking about, Kris is starting to listen to Corey!