Ron Cook: Time of wide receiver’s 4-game suspension could better for Steelers

Ron Cook: Time of wide receiver’s 4-game suspension could better for Steelers


And that means you need to be mad at somebody? At least he’ll be with the Steelers Sept. 10, keen to help and prepared to go, if required, against the New England Patriots in the season’s opening match. Be angry with Martavis Bryant. With Le’Veon Bell, also, be upset for that matter. They will not be accessible for their teammates in that first match because of thoughtless, self-centered activities that have obstructed the organization and them.

His suspension follows Bell’s two-match ban as a result of marijuana charges. Throw in the fact kicker Shaun Suisham and centre Maurkice Pouncey will miss the New England match with injuries, as well as the Steelers offense will not be identifiable. Antonio Brown and Ben Roethlisberger are not extremely bad, but it is unfair to expect them to be good enough to compensate for those losses. That is particularly so if the Steelers often-maligned defense does not reveal significant progress between now and Sept. 10.

Bell and Bryant have no valid reason for his or her suspensions. Bryant will do exactly the same. But that does not make it. Football is the greatest team match. Bell must have trouble looking his teammates in a person’s eye. Surely, Bryant will. And visualize those teammates must feel? They worked hard and through training camp to prepare for the things they consider is going to be a Super Bowl year. Now it must be started by them ? Shame on Bryant and Bell.

The Steelers have had time to get ready for Bell’s lack this year. They understood his suspension was coming almost in the minute he was detained. They brought in expert DeAngelo Williams, previously as a free agent to function as the starter for the initial two matches, of the Carolina Panthers. The issue is there isn’t much behind him, although he ought to be good. Mike Tomlin felt the demand this week by indicating for him to step up the exhibition game at Buffalo Saturday against the Bills will be a dandy time to publicly scold presumed back-up Josh Harris. Exactly what does it say that he wants this kind of proposition?

But Bryant’s suspension came at a time that was really awful, only two weeks ahead of the New England match. He was planning to be even better this season and became the top deep threat halfway through last season. There isn’t any one on the roll to satisfactorily replace him.

The Steelers will damage beyond the loss in their home run hitter. Matching defenses are going to have a less difficult time attempting to keep the great Brown. Without worrying in regards to the deep risk from Bryant safeties will soon have the ability to shade toward his side of the field.

In addition, you might have heard the Patriots will likely be without their star quarterback, a guy named Brady. He’s confronting a four-match suspension because of his part in Deflategate although no one will probably be shocked if that suspension overturns.

It ought to be some match.