Rousey to protect UFC bantamweight title against Holm

Rousey to protect UFC bantamweight title against Holm


UFC women’s bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey may protect her platinum at MGM Great in Vegas, January 2nd against undefeated opposition Holly Holm in the primary function of UFC 195.

“January 2 I’m going to be fighting Holly Holm, who is actually the most decorated striker we have in all of mixed martial arts,” Rousey said. “Not the women’s division, not the bantamweight division, like 19-time boxing world champion Holly Holm, was the Ring Magazine pound-for-pound female fighter of the year and definitely my biggest challenge to date so I’m super-excited about it.”

Rousey, who’s undefeated at 12-0, created the statement Friday day on Hello America.

Holm was a boxer having a 33–2–3 report before joining UFC in 2014, but the mentor, Edmond Tarverdyan of Rousey, wasn’t worried about Holm’s ability.

Rousey says even though that she is folded through her four competitors in only 130 moments, she needs Holm to provide her if that is what it requires an incredibly difficult time while being ready to choose five models.

“I prepare for a five-round war every time I get in there,” Rousey said. “No one’s easy until after you beat them. With Holly Holm, she’s the type that is ready to go 12 boxing rounds. She is not the average chick I would fight. She’s the best striker I’ve ever fought and striking is something I learned much later in my career and so I don’t ever expect fights to be easy and fast.”

Ronda Rousey has not spent more than 66 seconds within the octagon in almost 2 yrs, along with the anyone who pressed the UFC women’s bantamweight beyond the very first round is Miesha Tate.

As originally believed and people two competitors will not be competing against each other next fight.

More fights expected to be announced soon.