Russia plane crash

Russia plane crash


Theories about the cause of a Russian airliner crash in Sinai that killed 224 passengers are “speculation” at this stage, the Kremlin says.

“Any sort of version of what happened… can only be put forward by the investigation,” spokesman Dmitry Peskov told journalists.

After US and UK officers claimed intelligence suggested the jet may have been bombed he was communicating.

Militants connected to Islamic State (IS) have believed that they directed it down.

The Metrojet Airbus 321, bound for St Petersburg, crashed in the Sinai desert in Egypt only 23 minutes after take-off from Sharm el’s resort -Sheikh on Sunday.

Sharm el-Sheikh, the UK suspended routes to and from on Thursday.

Egyptian President Abdul Fattah al Sisi, who is on the stop by at the united kingdom, advised the BBC: “We don’t want to speed into conclusions. Most of us discuss the same worries. We should know the reason why.

“The analysis is going to be revealed with all visibility, we have nothing to cover up.”

The IS claim had been formerly ignored by Mr Sisi as propaganda.

Britain’s declaration on the air crash’s moment couldn’t have already been worse, just like Leader Sisi was arriving in London for his first official visit.

A senior official in his delegation said today they were not instructed beforehand. He could have an effect on other issues and explained this might be one of the most critical matters in the present meeting involving the two leaders. We won’t be as receptive, is he put it.

Egyptian officials say they had responded to every English request extra safety at Sharm el Sheik airport including additional troops around the airport.

It is a very awkward time for the Egyptian authorities but, additionally they experience painful questions about their power to keep protection inside the midst of substantial dangers if it’s established that the bomb was up to speed the airplane.