Sad NEWS! Leipzig zoo in Germany has been shot dead

Sad NEWS! Leipzig zoo in Germany has been shot dead


One of two lions that escaped from an enclosure in Leipzig zoo in Germany continues to be shot dead after attempts to use a tranquilliser.

The male lions, Majo and Motshegetsi, broke from their enclosure and jumped over a moat at 08:40 (06:40 GMT) on Thursday, before the zoo opened.

They were found in undergrowth in a panicky state.

“This is a very, very unhappy ending, which I really wouldn’t have wished for,” zoo manager Joerg Junhold told reporters.

Both animals, known after an area of Namibia as Etosha lions, arrived from the Swiss city of Basel only last month at Leipzig zoo.

After the lions were discovered just a short distance from their enclosure, around 40 zookeepers surrounded them with vehicles in an attempt to usher them back.

Another lion became agitated as they strove to tranquillise it, although they succeeded in returning one of the animals three hours later with the assistance of a fence.

Motshegetsi had been killed, although local media said Majo had survived.

The enclosure had been for 15 years at the zoo, the manager said. They had never had issues before but would review security.

Bunches built up at the entry but it was largely was closed on Thursday due to the lions’ escape.

The last time lions escaped from their enclosure in Leipzig zoo was in 1913, prompting a prevalent hunt that ended with all six lions the Leipziger Volkszeitung reported.