SAD! SISTERS Kourtney, Kim & Khloe Kardashian Sued For $180 Million: Accused...

SAD! SISTERS Kourtney, Kim & Khloe Kardashian Sued For $180 Million: Accused Of ‘Fraud’ & ‘Deceit’


Uh oh! While the Kardashian sisters are famous for his or her continuous presence on social networking, their lack about giving props to their own self- has caused them to be sued with accusations of deceit and fraud!

The Kardashian sisters are worth a bundle, as well as a fiscal management firm needs a $180 million ball of it according to a suit that is new. It is tough to picture the Kardashian sisters not going full blown on their Twitter above a beauty line named after them, however a fresh suit says they did not promote “Kardashian Beauty” as they’d consented to, as well as the possible gains lost are massive according to the legal doctors.

The women began their “Khroma” beauty products line using a firm called Boldface in the year 2012, however a legal hassle on the item name compelled it to be altered to “Kardashian Beauty,” but by that time Boldface was going under.

Enter Hillair Capital Management, which appeared to be a savior for the sisters at that time, slumping $10 million into the company and buying out Boldface. However, the firm alleges that even as soon as they came in and gave their beauty line the money to be successful, the Kardashians women quit promoting “Kardashian Beauty” to their millions of devotees since they desired to shop around to get a more profitable deal elsewhere.

Wow! We all know the sisters turn gold they touch, but that is a staggering amount!