Sadly Karisma, Estranged Husband Nearing Divorce Settlement, SC Told

Sadly Karisma, Estranged Husband Nearing Divorce Settlement, SC Told


Yet, prior to the resolution could be signed, few modalities need to be worked out” before proper parting of manners, a bench of Justice A.K. Sikriand Justice R.K. Agrawalsaid in their order after the hearing.

Talking to IANS stated the conditions of resolution resulting in divorce would comprise care of the two kids. The petitioner (Sanjay Kapoor) has expressed his need to meet the kids on their various birthdays. He is able to see and meet the kids in the home of the respondent (Karishma) or in the site of the birthday parties,” the court said in its order.

The judges also hear a plea by Sanjay Kapoor seeking transfer of the divorce proceeding to Delhi from Mumbai, alleging that he was getting danger calls. Though the hearing of the issue was recorded to occur in the judges’ chamber just but due to some communication difference, the apex court reception issued them a pass for the court.

As existence of Bollywood celebrity was creating problem in coming in and going from the courtroom because of the big crowd party, senior counsel Dushyant Dave encouraged the bench to hold the hearing within their chamber.”Supreme Court is inflicted by the star power,” Dave said, pointing to the issue attorneys were facing in getting the court.

At this, the court stated that it could hear the issue in the chamber. While many folks attempted to photograph her and through the busy hallway to the chamber then, Karishma was seen from the court.