Sadly, Thai teenagers charged with killing transgender woman

Sadly, Thai teenagers charged with killing transgender woman


Two teenage boys are arrested in Thailand for allegedly killing a transgender woman and concealing her body inside a bed frame in a hotel room in the seaside town of Pattaya.

The body was found after a hotel maid discovered blood near the bed.

Two hotel guests had complained of a smell in their room the previous day but continued to stay the night.

Authorities said that the victim, identified as 28-year-old Amphon Kongsong, had not been alive for three or four days.

“The resort’s cleaner found a really strong scent in the room and tried to locate the source.

“But it wasn’t until after a Thai couple had checked in and slept on the bed.”

The teens will be charged with murder and concealing the body, but will be tried in a juvenile court.

The 17-year-old boy believed she could help him locate a job in Pattaya and knew Ms Amphon, according to Col Apichai.

They stayed in a hotel room together, but started fighting after she asked the teen to have sex with her, Col Apichai said.

The 17-year old killed Ms Amphon with help from a buddy, aged 14, police say.

The killing took place on Thursday night and hotel management notified the police on Saturday.