Salman Khan “Double trouble” for upcoming Big Boss 9

Salman Khan “Double trouble” for upcoming Big Boss 9


It is not been a week since Salman Khan declared the newest tag line. ‘Double Trouble’ as the theory of the show goes BB9 will have contestants competing against each other and playing in pairs that are uncommon.


How? Like every year, most news organisations and sites made a summary of the likely nominees who is been newsmakers for the past one year, ever since the show was pronounced. Radhe Maa, who is miffed with such claims has sent a legal notice for defamation to the Bigg Boss makers. She is not signed, was never offered the show and is not going to be part of it. She’s not thinking about reality TV.”

Accusing of including her name the station and calling it a marketing gimmick, the god-girl has smacked a legal notice against the station. Her attorneys promised they will not take the junk and had ben following reports of Radhe Maa. In addition they asserted involving her is something which they will not be taking and that Radhe Maa doesn’t even possess a telephone.

Shiney has consistently been in news bulletin annually after being accused of raping his maid and there have consistently been reports regarding the celebrity joining Bigg Boss. The performer has intended to send a legal notice at the same time and has denied all such rumours.

Seems much before the show goes on air this year, the channel already has double trouble to deal with.