SAUCY HOT NEW STYLE! Katrina Kaif’s BIG fashion gamble – CUTE OR...

SAUCY HOT NEW STYLE! Katrina Kaif’s BIG fashion gamble – CUTE OR MUTE?


They seemed every bit saucy and hot and definitely formed a striking appearance. I have been watching the Fitoor promotions carefully and I have to say, Katrina never seemed so beaming before.

Not only the radiance, she carries this new spark of positive energy that’s merely too wonderful. Aditya too has been giving some dapper avatars to us and we are loving every bit of it.

And just as my anticipation for his or her next fashion appearance reached it’s pinnacle, I had been slightly disappointed by them. The duo were seen at Mehboob Studio and Kat appeared quite odd.

Well, we already understand the surprising transformation Kat has undergone but somehow her apparel didn’t really warrant it.

While a loose that was adorable Ddugoff sweater top was worn by Aditya and appeared his charming best, Kat appeared the opposite.

She seemed slightly uncomfortable as well as the layered crop top wasn’t a flattering one. It only requires a light breeze to fall in fashion malfunction, though the layer harvest was a high-risk move by the diva because hey.

But happily the top was fitted with perfection so the malfunction was saved, nevertheless, it certainly is a big risk.

The slit skirt as well as the bracelet that sported were actually top notch but the crop top proved to be a total turn off!

Overall, she didn’t actually make us swoon but since she’s off to Delhi now with co-star Aditya Roy Kapur, we’re pretty much hoping for some major fashion fads!