Secret Meeting! Justin Bieber & Rita Ora Collaborating On Secret Track Together:...

Secret Meeting! Justin Bieber & Rita Ora Collaborating On Secret Track Together: Friends With Benefits?


Love this! Are Rita Ora and Justin Bieber more than simply buddies? The pair have already been seen out together recently and has learned ONLY what these two have already been up to in and from the studio.

The pop stars have now been in the studio collaborating on new music, which we ca’t wait to hear. But are these two additionally hooking up? A source tells JUST if the pair have become friends with benefits!

On June 1st, the pair were seen out together before hitting hotspot cabaret Warwick up, inducing tongues to wag. “They have been taking care of a secret collaboration for a little while and sparks have been flying.”

Justin was doing his best while a grinning Rita was less bashful right behind as he left the club late at night on the 1st to hide his face from the cameras behind his hoodie. “Rita is open minded and not seeking anything like this or a commitment from Justin,” clarifies the source. “Justin is always down for a great time with Rita also. Making good music is merely a bonus.”

This isn’t the very first time they’ve worked jointly or the very first time they’ve spent time together outside of the studio,” says the source. That’s correct, recall when Calvin Harris, 32, allegedly was upset that Justin and Rita were getting close in the studio together? These men have history together.

What would you believe HollywoodLifers? Do you want to see Justin and Rita drop a track together? Or do you believe Justin is merely hanging out with Rita to make Selena Gomez covetous? Justin did just re- so we know she’s on his head follow Selena on Insta! Let us know what you think of Justin and Rita working together and hanging out!