Seems like Money grows on trees for the Kardashians

Seems like Money grows on trees for the Kardashians


Hollywood star Kylie Jenner is constantly in the limelight for her luxurious life. Headlines were lately created by the teen star when Tyga her boyfriend rapper gifted her a brand new Ferrari. Well it came to get a whooping price!


Well it definitely looks like money grows on trees as her sister Kim Kardashianalso possesses a Rolls Royce Ghost which is silver in colour. By Tyga in addition to the Ferrari 482 Italia gifted on her 18thbirthday, Kylie also offers a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon. Well certainly the youthful star has a thing for elaborate automobiles that are lavish.


Kylie Jenner took to her Instagram manage to break the news to her supporters and followers having a video of her brand-new automobile when it arrived. Kylie composed, “Yaaaaaay! It is here!” And away she went together with her girlfriends to get a lengthy drive!

From that which we see the Rolls Royce comes using a luxurious inside that is white. No wonder Kylie simply could not control her delight to flaunt this creature that is pretty ! Well we are quite certain we’ll see more of Kylie’s fresh Rolls Royce and more of she on the roads of Hollywood.