Seems like Taylor Swift working on Bigger Booty: Did She Get A...

Seems like Taylor Swift working on Bigger Booty: Did She Get A Butt Lift?


It seems because girl was looking very bootylicious at the iHeartRadio Music Awards on April 3, like Taylor Swift may be taking notes! Nevertheless, devotees are questioning she added her luggage compartment and so much crap.

Here’s the scoop. Taylor Swift, that is actually you? Tay Tay’s boo-tay was seeming manner more juicy than before, as well as the comparison between last year and this is staggering!

We can not deny that Taylor’s end is undoubtedly larger and more perky than it is been in the past. Tay Tay is famous for being a stunning girl with zero backside, and that is completely fine!

Buffs hurried to Twitter to suppose, and there are many potential theories out there. Yet, that would be preferred by lots of enthusiasts to another abnormal choice – implants or a butt lift!

Some Swifties hurried insisting that Taylor must happen to be adding her work outs and a couple more squats.

Because we see pics of Taylor leaving the gym on a regular basis this may absolutely be accurate.

Nevertheless, it did appear to be rather fast for that spectacular of a difference.