Selena Gomez Masters A Game Of Dubsmash On ‘Tonight Show’ with Jimmy...

Selena Gomez Masters A Game Of Dubsmash On ‘Tonight Show’ with Jimmy Fallon


During SelenaGomez 14 appearance on ‘The Tonight Show,’ Selena Gomez ace several rounds of Dubsmash, further showing she is simply the very best at everything.

Whenever guests come Jimmy Fallon generally has a fun game create, and Selena’s visit was no different.

Selena consented to record stupid videos of herself lip syncing on the most popular Dubsmash program after talking about Selena’s fascinations with phantoms. When Selena and Jimmy collaborated on a record of Sel’s popular new track, “Same Old Love.” But Selena’s solo record, in which Liam Neeson’s character was impersonated by her came in a close second!

Last week regardless of releasing Selena’s new album, Resurrection, Selena has huge plans for the rest of 2015. She will be following in BFF Taylor Swift’s footsteps, performing alongside The Weeknd and Rihanna in the. The vocalists will maintain excellent business at the show, needless to say! We can not wait!