Selena let out a big secret — her hair is fake!

Selena let out a big secret — her hair is fake!


Make-up and Selena Gomez’s hair has been beyond stunning recently, but Selena has disclosed that she got assistance in the hair department — extensions!

When Selena was requested to disclose her favourite thing about Lilly, she said “your heart/humor.” Lilly subsequently told Selena to feel her hair pull and — and actually get up in there — to show it is actual.

Afterward Selena said, “Mine, however, is very fake.” Actual or imitation — it seems astonishing! See the whole video interview here. have hair extensions for span and volume.

We adore that Selena was reliable in her interview. RPZL is the first-of-its-type extension pub in NYC, and offers clip- tape and in -in extensions. I have done the cut-in extensions and it made a huge difference in only an hour! Additionally, I wore them for my wedding, to complete my updo.

Hair extensions are often much the same to actual human hair and could be styled with heat and products as you do your natural locks.