VERY SENCIBLE! Nick Young: Plans To Give Iggy Azalea $4 Million Ring...

VERY SENCIBLE! Nick Young: Plans To Give Iggy Azalea $4 Million Ring A La Kobe Bryant After Cheating


Since his cheating was shown Nick Young is completely determined to prevent Iggy Azalea, and he is ready to really go to extraordinary measures.

Nick Young is not going to let Iggy Azalea go that easily! He is got a strategy to maintain his woman after he cheated on her with a 19-year old and declared it on a video that has been leaked to people, and he is not unwilling to really go to any length. Here’s the exclusive.”Poor Nick’.

He is scrambling like his trainers to design a play in the last couple of seconds of the match to truly save his betrothal to Iggy,” a source close to Nick told.

He undoubtedly has a game plan, and it is to make her remember why they were in the very first place. “He is determined to return at her quite romantically.””One of their favourite films to see together is Love & Basketball,” the source described.

“Now that he’s a day or two away, he is begging Iggy to come through and cool, have some drinks and have among those cuddling film nighttime. “If that does not work, Nick’s prepared to take a play from Kobe’s handbook and set a new, huge stone of Iggy’s finger,” the source continued.

Nick is expecting Iggy can see past his indiscretions, also, when they are able to get through something like this. “Nick needs Iggy and does not need to let her go,” the source closed ONLY to “So if he is got to return to Jason and spend a ton of money on a fresh ring, he is all in.”