Send in photos of ‘your best friend’

Send in photos of ‘your best friend’


All of us understand the expression ‘every dog has its day’ and, as it is National Dog Day, what would you understand, dogs ARE having their particular day today!

As a nation of dog lovers we are quite certain there are a few impressive Welsh dogs out there. We’d like to find out an image in the event you are a proud owner afterward.

We might spoil August 26th although our pets regular is one day to actually let loose — it is National Dog Day!

National Dog Day was created in 2004 as ways keep us safe, to bring awareness of how many dogs that should be saved each year, while recognizing family dogs and dogs that work each day to save lives and bring relaxation.

Observe by taking your dog for a walk in a park that is new, or take a unique visit to the pet store and allow them to pick out a brand-new plaything. You might educate them a fresh trick, or just shower them with fondness and love.

All you’ve got to do is post a picture of your dog to media that is social using the hashtags?#?NationalDogDay? and ?#?DogDayCutestDog.

By contributing money or supplies to your own own local animal shelter even when you are not a pet proprietor you can nevertheless take part in the party.