SERIOUSLY? Is Kareena Kapoor Khan planning to SELL her baby pics? We...

SERIOUSLY? Is Kareena Kapoor Khan planning to SELL her baby pics? We know the answer!


Its all about Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan’s baby pics. We know that Kareena is expecting her first baby sometime in December this year. Unlike other stars who either go underground after getting pregnant or take a break Kareena is breaking the standards and her glamorous public appearances have only established that she’s sexy constantly. Ms Kapoor Khan might have delayed her picture with Sonam Kapoor, Veere Di Wedding but she is busy working on her endorsement deals.

Our source said and spilled the beans on Kareena’s baby pics recently, “Kareena is flooded with offers for her baby pics by various publications. She is amused with all this.” When we probed if Bebo plans to sell her baby photos, our source further added, “She will definitely not sell it. But yes, she is enjoying this whole bidding game.” Now that’s so Bebo isn’t it?

Saif and Kareena have began prepping to welcome their little one. The performer will only resume work post December we hear. Kareena too will start work on her pending movie Veere Di Wedding with Sonam Kapoor. The women made among the most fashionable appearance together and lately bonded big time. Sonam’s Snapchat narratives proved the stars will have a gala time bonding on the sets of their chick flick.

In her latest outing on Vogue BFF the actress made some shocking revelations. The celebrity surprised us with details like how she turned down Saif’s marriage proposal two times before she eventually gave her nod to disclosing how her hubby likes her chubby self better compared to the size zero variant. The performer in her inimitable design said, “My husband likes the more curvy, Kamasutra-ish kind of woman.”

Kareena Kapoor also revealed how she likes hot Punjabi food and that’s what she craves for these days. The also had told the media persons at a recent interaction Saif and she intended to name their infant Saifeena. When she went on to reveal that she’d proud to have an infant girl many hearts were gained by Bebo.