Sevdet Besim Named Teenager Accused Of Kangaroo Bomb Plot

Sevdet Besim Named Teenager Accused Of Kangaroo Bomb Plot


A teen accused of plotting a terror attack in Australia supposedly discussed setting it free on authorities and stuffing a kangaroo, a court has heard.

19, Sevdet Besim, shown the strategy, which included painting the creature using the Islamic State symbol, during an internet conversation using a British accomplice, prosecutors have alleged.

He’s accused of preparing a leading IS-divine terror strike in Melbourne to coincide with the Anzac Day service to commemorate World War One.

The alleged kangaroo scheme was disclosed in court records presented at Melbourne Magistrates Court, where Besim pleaded not guilty to four charges.A fifth charge of conspiring to perpetrate a terrorist act was lost.

According to the court records, Besim mentioned beheading a police officer and running over. “I’d like to take out some policemen”, he’s reported to possess written.”I was gonna meet together afterward get some heads ahaha”.”(I ‘m) “prepared to fight these dogs on there (sic) doorsill,” he’s alleged to have added.

In October a 15-year old lad, who continues to be described as Britain’s most youthful terrorist, was sentenced to life in prison for his part in the scheme.

Passing sentence Judge John Saunders said the teen, who can’t be named due to his age, had no chance of parole.