Sex assaults and robberies during New Year’s celebrations in Germany has fueled...

Sex assaults and robberies during New Year’s celebrations in Germany has fueled MIGRANT debate


A chain of sex assaults and robberies during New Year’s parties in Germany has fueled discussion in regards to the nation’s capability to incorporate large amounts of migrants, after authorities said that guys who targeted tons of girls in the western city of Cologne seemed to be of “Arab or North African origin.”

Though many also warned against hasty decisions regarding the perpetrators, political leaders including Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned the strikes. But to some Germans already uneasy about the 1 million asylum seekers their state took in last year the event appeared to support simmering anxieties.

“Is this the ‘cosmopolitan and vibrant’ Germany that Merkel wished for?” requested Frauke Petry, leader of the nationalist party Alternative for Germany. The party of Petry has called for a clampdown on how many asylum seekers let to the united states, a thought shared among an increasing variety of assistants in Merkel’s own center-right bloc.

When the complete facts of the event are not understood yet others in Germany warned against linking the refugee question to the problem of street crime.

Kosovo, Albania and Syria were the top three countries of origin for asylum seekers in Germany a year ago.

The police Chief Wolfgang Albers in Cologne said no arrests are made. “We do not presently have any defendants, so we do not understand who the perpetrators were. All we understand is the cops in the scene perceived that it had been mainly young guys aged 18 to 35 from the Arab or North African area.”

Albers encouraged witnesses to come forward, particularly when they recorded videos of the strikes. At least 90 criminal charges are filed, including one allegation of rape, authorities said.

Authorities said the attackers had assembled in large numbers close to the major train station in the city’s, discharging fireworks, drinking alcohol and mingling with other revelers.

German Justice Minister Heiko Maas said the strikes should not be used to strengthen an anti-refugee program. “In criminal law what is significant is establishing a crime, and many people are equal before the law.”