SEXIEST BIKINI BODY! We Dare You to Keep Your Chill After Seeing...

SEXIEST BIKINI BODY! We Dare You to Keep Your Chill After Seeing Britney Spears’ Incredible Bikini Body


Maybe it is all those dancing routines in Vegas at her Planet Hollywood concerts. Perhaps it is that glowing Southern California sun beaming glowing from the water. Whatever the case might be, the “Piece of Me” vocalist definitely got buffs buzzing Sunday day when she shared a poolside bikini image.

She could be cooling, but their freak was totally freaked by her supporters. The moment the image was posted, followers complimented the vocalist by composing “queen,” “legend” and of course “slay.”

Later on in the day, Britney chose to travel to the golf course in which a four-legged pal as well as some adorable children tagged along.”To the green today with one of these munchkins,” she composed on social networking while displaying her tanned abs and naked feet.

To put it differently, someone isn’t looking in the manner of a self-proclaimed “Oompa Loompa.” Lately, the “Toxic” singer reworked her Piece of Me show in The AXIS that now features new costumes as well as the cherished tune “Breathe on Me.” “I am not prepared to leave Vegas yet! “I am so happy with the show, and my group, my dancers and my team have all become this kind of family if you ask me. When it came down to me actually needing to make this choice, I simply could not envision stopping my residency at the end of this year.”