Sexy Katrina Kaif and Hot Preity Zinta bond BIG TIME post IPL...

Sexy Katrina Kaif and Hot Preity Zinta bond BIG TIME post IPL Opening Ceremony


Last night proved to be a helluva one for Katrina Kaif and we are able to say so as the world is saying! For an occasion that has been priced at Rs 10,000 a ticket, all individuals could speak was Katrina’s abs. Dwayne Bravo who made Katrina dancing to his victor, could’t look past that at anything!

While the wolrd rejoiced Kat’s nicely chiselled abs, there was somebody who needed after her arrival in Mumbai post union to your have tête-à-tête with her. Any guesses?


It was Preity Zinta who showed up at Katrina’s dressing table van. The two interacted for some time and after that left at the site. Preity’s gown was sure a stellar but look at how comfy Katrina look after her performance.

Those tiny shorts and that Mickey tee is such a pleasure to view on the petite celebrity. In case you are not conscious then let us remind you. She has formerly worn a Powerpuff Girls t-shirt that got us go like whoaaaa. Take a review of the pictures and let’s know what you think of her post performance look!