SEXY Katrina Kaif doesn’t care a DAMN about HANDSOME Salman’s controversy surrounding...

SEXY Katrina Kaif doesn’t care a DAMN about HANDSOME Salman’s controversy surrounding his appointment as the Goodwill Ambassador


All of us understand Salman Khan’s appointment as the Olympics Goodwill ambassador. Particularly the sports community where known characters like wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt, Milkha Singh, have lashed out at the star’s appointment saying, “I want to make it clear that I am not against Salman Khan, but the decision of the IOA is wrong and the government should intervene in the matter. This is for the first time I am seeing a Bollywood hero being made goodwill ambassador for Olympics. I want to ask has Bollywood ever made any sportsperson an ambassador for any of their mega event?” Obviously, we don’t expect this argument to end anytime soon where Salman’s father Salim Khan too further hit back the sports team stating, “ Salman khan may not have competed but is an A level swimmer cyclist and weight lifter. Sportsmen are performing because of sports lovers like us. However, turns out Katrina Kaif has no f**ks to give over this issue and we don’t mind Hi-5-ing her on that. Yes!

Haha! Really that’s accurate right? Indeed, he is known by Katrina so well. Actually, had she supported Salman with an detailed explanation, we would have wondered if she just saying for the sake of the news or is actually saying it. Nevertheless, while the view stands broken up. Salman in his defense tweeted last night saying, “Will do my finest”! Your ideas?