Sexy Selena Gomez & Hot Kylie Jenner Party Together In Hollywood

Sexy Selena Gomez & Hot Kylie Jenner Party Together In Hollywood


Improbable duet Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez were seen outside at The Roxy in La on Mar. 31 for Instagram versions Simi & Haze’s amazing birthday party. We’ve got everything on their crazy night out here!

Everybody who is anybody was there. At least, Selena and Kylie were there, and that is good enough. The girls came out for Haya’s and their buddies Sama birthday. The twins possess a popular Instagram called Simi & Haze, and lately became DJs.

Believed they were both in the hip celebration, they did not take pics together which is a pity actually, because those pics would break the web. They modeled the night away in a trendy photo booth with Haya and Sama, and the trendy looping videos are epic.

Kylie’s Boomerang program shot is really adorable! She seems quite natural with her actual shoulder-length black hair and make-up that is straightforward. She is sticking her tongue out and looking in the manner of a goofball.

The girls captioned the stupid picture “So enjoyable last night!!! ??????,” and judging from the pic, how could it not be?! Kylie can be seen sweetly adopting among the sister along with her eyes shut using the caption “birthday infants.”Selena’s pic is obviously equally cunning, flaunting an enjoyable yellowish sheath dress and an adorable kissy face. Adore it! Plus she was rocking her contacts that were blue ! We truly expect they discussed and got together and are best friends.