She should be! Priyanka Chopra sorry for magazine cover ‘insulting refugees’

She should be! Priyanka Chopra sorry for magazine cover ‘insulting refugees’


The top has the words “migrant”, “refugee” and “outsider” crossed out while the word “traveller” stands out.

Conde Nast told the BBC their intention was to highlight tagging of folks.

“I’m really apologetic about sentiments being hurt. I ‘ve ever been against labels. The message has been misconstrued, although I’m very influenced and feel truly horrible. The magazine was quite clear that they desired to send a message about addressing xenophobia with labels,” Chopra told India’s NDTV news channel.

Conde Nast also put out a statement in which it attempted to clarify the intent behind the photo and stood by the cover. Explaining that it believed in a “world without edges” and “had a point to make”, the statement said: “We must recognise that we are all on a journey. Whether we have been moving across oceans or just a few kilometres, or in our mind’s eye, into a totally different world, whether we are doing so as a result of free will or situation – we are all travellers.”

Before this month the magazine cover, which was tweeted out by Chopra, virtually instantaneously caused indignation with many saying that it was inappropriate, particularly in the context of the refugee catastrophe that was Syrian.

“The dearth of choice in removing one’s house and hearth from the familiar to the alien is one fraught with heartbreak and the feeling of being cornered. Quite different from picking out the next appealing destination on your own bucket list, and surfing through Airbnb for the ideal place to park oneself,” read an opinion in the Huffington Post.

Similar views were expressed by social media users.

Chopra told the NDTV news channel that she was fully aware of the problems faced by refugees and was actually attempting to send a message to support them out.

“But it got misconstrued, and I’m sorry folks saw it like that and they saw it on me,” she said.

  • Nina

    Priyanka showed courage. It takes courage to say, you know, I believed the magazine had a reasonable point, it offended many, and for that, I am truly sorry. I go back to my original conviction. She is last person to deliberately make light of suffering.