SHOCKING! Chris Hemsworth Admits Liam & Miley Cyrus’ Wedding Happening?

SHOCKING! Chris Hemsworth Admits Liam & Miley Cyrus’ Wedding Happening?


Chris Hemsworth has been a man of few words in regards to his smaller brother’s on and off love affair with Miley Cyrus. His latest remarks yet may be all we should understand! Are Miley REALLY and Liam Hemsworth following through using their marriage?

Miley Cyrus, 23, and Liam Hemsworth, 25, are formally employed…or are they?! As it happens, there might be a fresh growth within their relationship according to Liam’s big bro, 32, Chris Hemsworth. Learn what it’s here and tell US exactly what you believe.

We wish the Thor star could simply be straight! I saw the really precise reports on this topic. I do not understand how reliable that source is!” You might not expect us to consider you are not in the loop in your brother’s highly publicized love life? Chris had a similar reaction in the event their relationship had rekindled when requested on the The Kylie & Jackie O Show in Australia.

“Not that I know of friend,” he said. “I ‘d learn through the press. It wasn’t only verified that the two were in fact an object, but that they were also engaged shortly after Chris promised to not find out regarding the couple’s hot and heavy love story! So it’s very possible in the know, that poor Chris is simply never. Or perhaps, just MAYBE he is talking in code on purpose.

Hmm…we are on to you Chris! We understand the Hemsworth/Cyrus wedding continues to be likely a go — phew!