SHOCKING CLAIM! Harry Styles’ Sister Confesses: Our Mom’s Life Is ‘Violated’ After...

SHOCKING CLAIM! Harry Styles’ Sister Confesses: Our Mom’s Life Is ‘Violated’ After Photo Hack


Gemma Styles is standing up for her mother after her iCloud account was hacked, leaking cozy photographs of Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles from their holiday vacation.

The boy bander’s older sis took to Twitter to slam enthusiasts for making fraudulent Anne Cox Twitter accounts and leaking the pics. 22, Harry Styles, is keeping tight-lipped about Kendall Jenner, 20 and those hot leaked pictures of him, but his sister isn’t so noisy! “To those making them — has her life not been broken enough for you personally?”

Anne’s account was hacked on showing pictures of Kendall sitting on Harry’s lap, the eyes of the two gazing fondly in one another, and a lot more.

Sure, perhaps we have been DYING to see sweet pictures of this on-off couple in this way, but nonetheless, it definitely is not correct that this is the way it happened.”Harry’s brushing it away as one of those matters, it is not changing him,” an insider told.

“While they were private photographs, and not intended to be viewed by anyone else other than his close friends as well as family, there was nothing incriminating in them that could damage him or his picture, which means he is not actually troubled personally. Yet, he is consistently been quite protective of his mother along with the reality that Anne has become the goal of hackers does disturb him.”