SHOCKING! Hong Kong police probe disappearance of anti-Beijing bookseller

SHOCKING! Hong Kong police probe disappearance of anti-Beijing bookseller


The chief executive of Hong Kong stated that it was not constitutional to run in the prior British colony, in his first remarks since the disappearance of a nearby bookseller whose patrons say was taken out of the territory.

CY Leung’s remarks come amid increasing issues for Lee Bo, a publisher who sold publications critical of the top leaders in China, in a case which has triggered additional demonstrations about mainland intervention in the matters of the semi-sovereign territory.

Four of his co-workers in the Mighty Present publishing company vanished last year while beyond Hong Kong they were taken for questioning by security forces in mainland China.

There’s conjecture that mainland law enforcement employees had individually taken from Hong Kong four of the five.

“Just Hong Kong enforcement bureaus possess the right to apply the law in Hong Kong. If exterior bodies apply the law in Hong Kong, it is a breach,” he said. “The Hong Kong government is extremely worried concerning the case.”

Posters outside the store marketed a variety of these publications, which will probably be prohibited in China that is authoritarian since they cover issues which are deemed sensitive, including the private lives as well as corruption.

It wasn’t immediately possible to confirm his claim.

The Hong Kong security official, Mr Lee, stated that their mainland counterparts had been requested by the authorities they were to hear back from them and in the event the publisher was detained.

Although Chinese security forces routinely detain dissidents in the mainland without telling their families or charging them, they don’t have any legal right to run in Hong Kong.

Yet, democracy campaigners are afraid the city’s autonomy and its own British-style liberties are being eroded, pointing to growing dangers to freedom of academic liberty and the press.

“We have been living using a false awareness of security and that is really frightening,” he said.