SHOCKING! Justin Bieber Freaks Out At LA Concert: What Went Wrong?

SHOCKING! Justin Bieber Freaks Out At LA Concert: What Went Wrong?


Is Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour driving him toward a dislocation? He was caught running away stage and JB has supporters stressed he could be on his approach to canceling the remaining tour.

Oh! It seems Justin was so shaken up that among his crew members needed to pour a complete gallon of water! Have a look at the devotee’s caption to get a clearer concept of what went down:”Justin was crying and trembling in the past night, he began breathing heavily and then someone of the crew embraced him and they walked away..,” the caption describes.

“He said ‘you guys do not understand this but before the show I was fighting to be present.'” Justin’s dysfunction happened only one day after he shockingly cancelled all buff meet and greets for the rest of the tour, as he said they make him “psychologically and emotionally exhausted to the stage of melancholy.”

Without carrying out a meet and greet prior to the show, fans are worried that something quite serious is happening with The Biebs but considering he had a disaster this awful even. The truth is, things looked not so good at his last LA show, the hashtag #cancelpurposetour began trending! However disturbing that will be for Beliebers they are more concerned with Justin’s wellbeing. While Justin’s freak-out vid triggered a craze of remarks that were concerned, the enthusiast who posted it discussed a pleasant message for JB that sums up the situation.

“Justin’s well-being constantly come first, he seems tired recently and poor and that I believe he need to take a rest for himself,” the caption reads. “@justinbieber you actually want it and all of US stand behind you and consistently support you we swear!! All the beliebers in all over the planet love u no matter what ,please take good care of your well-being we are here for you.”