SHOCKING Kaabil’s delay! And The Reason is Hrithik Roshan?

SHOCKING Kaabil’s delay! And The Reason is Hrithik Roshan?


Sadly, harm and Hrithik Roshan go together. We doubt if he’s ever finished the shoot of a movie without getting hurt, which ranged from severe to moderate ones. His back hurts and he was advised bed rest for a number of days. Afterwards, he developed a brain illness which nearly brought Bollywood to stop and needed to be controlled. His tryst with wounds simply will not stop to exist which is solely changing his forthcoming movies although happily, he came out unscathed. His picture with Sanjay Gupta, Kaabil, continues to be pushed due.

We hear the shoot of Kaabil is becoming influenced by the back injury of the Hrithik. Split a ligament. Interesting spell hw Im going 2 hv an enjoyable time healing n next few weeks working. #imagination #makeitwork.” Obviously, we all want him to get well shortly before he starts work on anything. We adore you a little too much to allow you to hurt yourself. Take a look at his tweet again here…

Hrithik Tweeted!

“Had a lovely fall 2day.Tore a ligament. Curious bout hw Im going 2 hv a fun time healing n working next few weeks. #imagination #makeitwork”

It’s fine if Kaabil is getting delayed due to his ill-health. A fitter Hrithik will be a hotter Hrithik! What say people?