SHOCKING NEWS! Jimmy Savile raped children as young as nine’ while working...

SHOCKING NEWS! Jimmy Savile raped children as young as nine’ while working at BBC, leaked report finds


Jimmy Savile sexually abused victims as young as nine and raped and was caught carrying out his lechery at least while working for the BBC, based on a leaked draft of a report studying the paedophile’s misconduct in the corporation.

Fact-Finding news site Exaro has released findings of Dame Janet Smith’s review to the depraved entertainer and BBC television presenter, who had been exposed as a prolific sexual predator and paedophile a year after his passing in 2011.The review, which has said it is going to release its report in six weeks’ time, said the leaked findings were from an early draft of the report and that “major changes” had since been made to its “contents and decisions”.

Based on Exaro, the review’s findings emphasize multiple rapes and indecent assaults on girls and boys in the hands of Savile and “improper sexual conduct” with adolescents above 16 – all “in a way related to the BBC”.”Three of Savile’s casualties were just nine-years-old,” it says.

Exaro reports that Smith criticises the BBC for a “quite deferential culture”, with many BBC workers telling the review they had learned about Savile’s marauding reputation but worried reporting their concerns to supervisors. It also warns that “a marauding child abuser may be lurking undiscovered in the BBC even now”.But Smith accepts some denials by senior figures they were conscious of the paedophile’s misconduct, Exaro reports.