Shocking News! Stacy Fawcett Dead: ‘Dallas’ Favorite Foodie’ TV Personality Stabbed To...

Shocking News! Stacy Fawcett Dead: ‘Dallas’ Favorite Foodie’ TV Personality Stabbed To Death By Son


This really is absolutely devastating. What’s worse is that it was her firstborn son that perpetrated the stabbings. We’ve got all of the details that are heartbreaking , right here. Exactly what a dreadful catastrophe.

He also killed himself after the attack. Here’s what we know regarding the situation that is devastating thus far. The facts of the narrative are really horrifying. Stacy was well known in Dallas for being the “Favorite Foodie” on Channel 8 ’s News 8 Daybreak.

The popular TV personality’s life was cut short on April 8 by her very own son in the most horrific manner possible. The 19-year old repeatedly stabbed at mom and his brother before turning the knife on himself. Yet, he did not successfully end his own life, instead calling 911 to report his offense. A police officer found a deceased adult male and adult female along with another adult male who was not dead with multiple stab wounds,” reports People and subsequently “ made entry into the residence.

McCann eventually passed away in the hospital hours later. Stacy’s brother reported that McCann suffered a brain injury this past year, and hasn’t been the same person since then, speculating that that’s what may have lead to the homicides.

The community in Dallas has set a GoFundMe page up for the funerals of the family, and is devastated. To date they’ve raised $7,711 toward their $10k goal. Anything more will be donated to the North Texas Food Bank in Stacy’s honour.

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    This is what happens when white women have kids with beasts. “Devastating” really? Expected is more like it.