SHOCKING! Oakville hosts Murder at the High School Reunion

SHOCKING! Oakville hosts Murder at the High School Reunion


There is a high school reunion place to occur in Oakville after this month that a lot of people are simply ‘expiring’ to get to. Local residents Rikki Wright and Chelsea Larkin are staging an original murder mystery dinner theatre occasion and have Oakville that is chosen as the site for the premier of the production.

“This show is unlike any that I Have been in or seen,” said Larkin, a comic and sketch comedy musician. “It is not simply an interactive murder mystery event. It is additionally a musical, which adds an entirely new dimension to the type of production.”

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“Guests may have an opportunity to connect to the performers, shoot selfies and such, all while having a rocking good time,” Wright said of the murder mystery. The show is capped off using a retro dance party for guests.

“The tune parodies scattered through the show progress the storyline, as well as in an extremely amusing manner,” included Larkin.

“I could not be happier with our cast. Having been immersed in the Canadian comedy scene for a long time, I will declare with conviction that people have a number of the top comics in the united states appearing in this show.”

Both Wright and Larkin are cast members of the murder mystery.