SHOCKING! Shah Rukh Khan has been ARRESTED?

SHOCKING! Shah Rukh Khan has been ARRESTED?


In a surprising turn of events, Shah Rukh Khan has been detained by policemen. Yes, that is correct! But, before you derive to any decisions that are erroneous, I would like to clarify this ISN’T occurring in real. In stead it is a crucial sequence from his forthcoming movie Raees.

Phew! Respire men! Considering SRK plays with a smuggler identified Miyan Bhai in the picture, this can be among the critical scenes where he will fall victim to the policemen. We consider this whole scene will be one important turning point in the movie.

An accused SRK a distressed Mahira as well as the remainder describes in the images that you just see above.

Oh! We’re actually becoming uneasy to see this movie now. After all, it is like every picture in the set narrates a story alone.

Do not you believe so? Team Raees is shooting across distinct places in Mumbai. What would you believe?