SHOCKING! SONAM RESTRICTED! Harshvardhan Kapoor just take a dig at her choice...

SHOCKING! SONAM RESTRICTED! Harshvardhan Kapoor just take a dig at her choice of films?


Harshvardhan Kapoor is going to make his Bollywood debut with Mirzya and even before the release of his film, he has a gigantic fan following. The movie reviews are already outside and Mirzya looks brilliant, if they are anything to go by. While picking movies as a starter a lot of performers perpetrate blunders. Not every performer has a sense of deciding the correct script and they’re not unwilling to take everything and anything that comes their way up. Yet, Harshvardhan Kapoor is distinct.

During one of many promotional events for Mirzya, Harsh was accompanied by his sister and when she asked him “What’s the one thing that you see me do, you would never do?” “Thank You and Players,” he said wryly. Haha.. That left Sonam embarrassed in front of the media. “Harsh, you can’t say that publicly. Let’s not talk about it. I am trying to be more diplomatic. I love you Abbas Mastan sir. I didn’t like it (the movies) but it’s okay, they did what they had to do,” she tried to cover up. Well, what he said is not wrong. Guess even Sonam couldn’t disagree with her brother Harshvardhan.

We all know that Sonam is certainly one of those actors who never shies away from speaking her head. And only like her, Harshvardhan is also upfront about things. He has been quite transparent with his perspectives ever since Harsh has began interacting with the media. To date, it has been working in his benefit as everyone is enjoying his straightforward attitude. And his profession in Bollywood seems bright too! His picture hasn’t released but two movies have been signed by him already. Let’s wait and watch how Mirzya fares at the box office.