SHOCKING! Sonarika Bhadoria LASHES out at the hypocritical attitude towards women after...

SHOCKING! Sonarika Bhadoria LASHES out at the hypocritical attitude towards women after being criticised for her bikini pictures


When Sonarika Bhadoria, best remembered for her role as Parvati in Devon Ke Dev Mahadev, posted her bikini images little did she understand that she will confront the wrath of netizens. And all because they could’t recognize the actress who had played Parvati wearing clothes that are revealing. It ’s two years since the serial stopped and three years since I played with the part. There were two other Parvatis! Why should people respond to my pictures. It’s not as if I ‘ve’t revealing garments before or worn dresses that are short. I have done it all. I do’t comprehend what was so objectionable about the graphics. It’s not a suitable bikini. It’s a bikini top and a shore skirt,” says the actress.

There was a time when celebrities like Arun Govil and Deepika Chikhalia, who played Sita and Ram in the televised Ramayan had to be careful about what they wore and the way they behaved screen away. “Yes. I was sceptical when I was offered Mahadev. But me convinced that it was another people and era ’s thought procedure had changed. All things considered, we are celebrities and are playing the parts. Away camera we’ve the independence to lead our lives the way we want to,” she says.

Sonarika is also about what she calls the attitude that is hypocritical miffed. “Gurmeet (Choudhary) who is a dear friend of mine played Ram (Ramayan) and the next serial he did was Geet Hui Sabse Parayi. In that he gave naked bodied, hot shots and girls were drooling over him. Even boys looked up to him. Similarly, my Mahadev co-star Mohit Raina had girls going crazy for him because of his appearances and six pack-abs. Why should girls just endure the brunt, be submissive, dress and act in a certain manner,” questions Sonarika.

While the trolls forced her to delete the pictures, after a while they were posted by her back. That was because my brother said that by deleting the pictures I was giving the haters value and requested me to put them back,” says the celebrity. After wrapping up the the shoot of the movie in Mauritius that she spent time unwinding on a shore actually, it was. “I put those images of me holidaying there. It’s not for the film or a photo shoot she informs. Sonarika has done three films down South and her last release was a Telugu movie costarring Vishnu Manchu.