SHOCKING! This young actress and recently separated hero are keeping their affair...

SHOCKING! This young actress and recently separated hero are keeping their affair a BIG SECRET!


And for people who were saddened by recent separations and schisms in tinsel town here is some news on the newest love birds. This young performer has made quite a number of headlines in the past thanks to her relationship with a co star that came to an end not so way back when. And now the woman has found love again this time it is a bit old hero who had a low profile split himself.

While both the performer as well as the hero have not actually come out in the open buzz is the fact that the two are going steady. While filming a new movie love blossomed between them. But that has not stopped them from enjoying a secret romance.

If sources are to be believed then the celebrity who’s known for perfectionist manners and his fitness is taking personal care of the actress in terms of her work. It appears that the actress’ beau has been training the performer for her next film.

That is not the celebrity we hear is showering his delightful girlfriend with some pricey baubles, all. Certainly, the actress is bowled over by her boyfriend’s pampering ways and is very serious concerning this relationship at the moment.

The actor on his part desires to take it easy and go steady and slow. Whether the couple will come out in the open in the coming days, see and we must wait. Or will this couple that is new make sure that the paparazzi gets no whiff of the love story. Have you imagined the stars? Post in the comments box below…