SHOCKING Two carers ‘had sex in their car in a McDonald’s car...

SHOCKING Two carers ‘had sex in their car in a McDonald’s car parking’


Two carers were caught having sex in a McDonald’s car park, a court heard.

26 Nikki Hollingworth, and Daniel German, 32, are accused of outraging public decency outside the fast food chain in Thurmaston, Leicestershire.

A court heard the pair were seen in the centre of the ‘lewd’ act in a vehicle while a handicapped teenage girl sat in a wheelchair in the back.

Giving evidence a customer said they were ‘shocked’ to see German with his pants down to his knees pressed against Hollingworth.

Kasia Stepien, who had only collected food to eat in her car, added: ‘I saw a lady laying against the vehicle with a man against her.

‘His belt was undone and her leg was up, at least one leg was up.

‘To me it was clear they were having sex, actually having intercourse. I could see part of his thigh.

‘His trousers would have been to his knees with his belt hanging down. I heard laughing as I drove by.’

Prosecutor Francis Lloyd added: ‘Initially Miss Stepien thought they were having a cuddle but when she drove past saw they were having sexual intercourse.

‘There’s a time and a place for everything and we would say that the car park of McDonald’s isn’t it. It’s acting in an indecent manner in a public place.’