Shy TEENAGER Kylie Jenner Reminisces About Meeting Tyga At 14

Shy TEENAGER Kylie Jenner Reminisces About Meeting Tyga At 14


That is REALLY adorable! Because she only shared the incredibly adorable nugget, Kylie Jenner, 18, must be feeling rather homesick about her boyfriend Tyga, 26. She was only 14-years old and first met with the rapper. Because it is so tough to picture she was the awkward adolescent that she’s in the clip you have got to see this video! Kylie posted Snapchat GOLD on March 16, sharing a clip sweet 16 birthday party.

Of course she wished to allow it to be extra special so she got him to play in the big event, and went from her strategy to seek out Kendall’s favourite rap star at that time, who happened to be Tyga.

“I was able to book a musical guest for Kendall. He’s one of her favorite rappers, and I’m really nervous, I hope she likes him,” Kylie tells the camera in a confessional clip.

She appears so self-conscious and still somewhat uncomfortable in the front of camera, and she looks SO different. This was back in the day as she is wearing her hair dull straight using a centre component that seems like zero work went into it before she found her amazing sense of style. Naturally nothing went on between Tyga and Kylie back then, as he was 21-years old she was clearly only a bit child to him, and when the video was shot.

Plus, he was with 35-year old Kim Kardashian buddy Blac Chyna, 27, in the time as well as a year after they had a kid together! Flash forward through the last few years with him gifting her, when she turned 18 in August of 2015, and Kylie and Tyga came out as a couple They are still so completely in love while they have had some make-ups and break ups on the way.