SHOCKING! Sidharth Malhotra Gets Into A Huge Fight With Alia Bhatt Over...

SHOCKING! Sidharth Malhotra Gets Into A Huge Fight With Alia Bhatt Over Her Closeness To Ex-Boyfriend


Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra have already been rumoured to be dating each other now, even though it has not been formally supported by the couple. It so happened that Sidharth and Alia went to her friend’s celebration. When Sid and Alia made an entry to the celebration, Ali traded pleasantries and came up to Alia, post which she introduced Ali.

When Ali kept coming as much as Alia to converse along with her, at his stage Sidharth was completely trendy, problem began! The report relating to this event of Spotboye shown that Sidharth began arguing over the behavior of Ali and forgetting all bash etiquette walked up to Alia.

Alia was able to convince Sidharth to leave the celebration but that didn’t mean the fight was over after she neglected to cool him down. After this tremendous fight between the couple, Ali was blocked by Alia upon her alleged boyfriend’s orders from her contacts list. Alia overly values him a lot and well, this episode reported by Spotboye really means that Sidharth is very possessive about his ladylove and listens to his orders.

Well, the couple really seem great together and so we’re just more content to realize that that is not an average Bollywood matter and they’re serious about each other.